About Us

What does it mean to have the Worst Manners?

What kind of person are you? The kind that always does what is expected, or do you follow your own path? Do you have the Worst Manners?

With bold typography, contemporary design, underground art and music references, Worst Manners is about the imaginary worlds that have been created by those who push the boundaries of culture. Worst Manners appeals to independent thinkers, who understand that the self-aware designs are not merely parody but a chance to pay tribute to the things they love in life.

Worst Manners is a a Seattle based brand with a global community of artists and designers to create limited prints that create that brilliant balance between good design, homage and satire.

Establishing itself in the beginning of 2016, Worst Manners is dedicated to producing high quality, unisex apparel with superior cuts.

All profits from Worst Manners goes to charities dealing with environmental issues, social issues, animal welfare and education. Worst Manners is about connecting artists to worthwhile charities.

Worst Manners prints are designed around the world and printed in the USA.



Send us pictures on Facebook or Instagram and contact us at: contact@materialdepartment.com